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Sylvia Rios
Account Specialist
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Phone : (480) 581-5123
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Sylvia Rios lives in Maricopa with her husband Jimmy and her three bonus children Niko, Carlo, and Bella. She also has an adult daughter, Victoria.

After many frustrating years in the medical field, she started her entrepreneurial journey in 2017 with an opportunity to start a credit enrichment business with her husband Jimmy. She became the brains of the operation, which is now Next Level Credit LLC. With her analytical skills and attention to detail, she took over the transaction management side of her husband's business and realized she could also prosper by building her processing company, Living EZ LLC.

Having rapidly acquired experience and knowledge, she felt a need to help more people. She obtained her life insurance license, followed by her Real Estate license and her Mortgage Loan Originator license in 2022, making herself a formidable partner in the financial services sector. Now focusing mainly on Credit Enrichment, she is a dedicated professional serving the vibrant state of Arizona.

With a deep-rooted passion for helping individuals and families find their financial balance, Sylvia brings experience and a wealth of local knowledge to her role. Her commitment to client satisfaction is unmatched, as she goes above and beyond to ensure her clients' needs are met and expectations exceeded. Whether assisting first-time homebuyers, guiding investors, or orchestrating seamless transactions, Sylvia's professionalism, integrity, and tireless work ethic shine through in every interaction.

As a proud member of the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce, Sylvia is deeply invested in its success and growth. She actively participates in local events and initiatives that contribute to its vibrancy and prosperity. Additionally, she services the East Valley and the Greater Phoenix Area.

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