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Medical Collections

Medical bills can rack up quickly. Even worse? They comprise the only form of debt that you can be forced to take on. Learn how Next Level Credit can help.

The Problem With Medical Debt

79 million Americans have medical debt. It's one of the biggest types of debt in America, and skyrocketing costs make it hard for people to get the care they need without paying for it years later. At Next Level Credit , we'll work with you to ensure that medical debt doesn't ruin your credit score.

Getting Medical Debt Off Your Report

While we can't usually get negative information off your credit report if it's accurate and up-to-date, there are two reasons why medical debt is an exception. First, medical debt isn't allowed on your report until you're at least 180 days late in making the required payment. That gives you roughly six months to pay it off before it has an adverse impact on your report.

As well, medical debt isn't supposed to show up on your report if it's being paid by your insurance. This gives us several avenues to pursue when preventing medical debt from lowering your credit score.

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Next Level Credit

Next Level Credit meets with you to determine how best to improve your credit score. Whether you just need someone to give you counsel about your credit, or your report is inaccurate and you need to get aspects of it fixed, we're here for you!

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